The Project

The study is divided into two stages. The first stage of the study aims to recruit 200 patients plus their treating therapists. Data will be primarily gathered using patient and therapist questionnaires; in depth semi-structured interviews will also be used with a sub group of 20 patients to explore their experiences in more detail.

Data gathered from stage 1 will inform stage 2 of the study that aims to develop a patient and health professional friendly customised Wii system that allows patients to complete individualised rehabilitation programmes. It is envisaged that evidence gained from stage 2 will be used to develop a health console prototype.

More precisely in REWiiRe we wish to:

  • Systematically introduce and examine use of current Wii console technology in four NHS Trusts across a variety of settings (hospital, community and home) and health areas¬† (i.e. neurology and stroke,¬† amputees, older people, musculoskeletal)
  • To systematically explore the patient and health professionals experience of using current Wii console technology in rehabilitation (including identification of facilitators and barriers to use) by undertaking a survey of participants (patients and health professionals), and using patient interview stories
  • To report on how many patients who have used the Wii console technology in hospital and community settings would like to use it at home for rehabilitation
  • To develop and evaluate a patient friendly customised Wii system that allows patients to complete individualised rehabilitation programmes. This would enable the use of the Wii remote by people who cannot hold the existing hand set and will display and record in real-time, using 3D technology, patients' movement, rehabilitation exercises and monitor progress.

There is only limited scientific knowledge about how people engage with movement-based interfaces such as the Nintendo Wii and how it impacts on patient compliance and outcomes. Some of the key research questions we would be investigating are:

  • What motivates people to engage with the Nintendo Wii?
  • How do people experience the Nintendo Wii?
  • What are the key movements-based interactions performed by a user/patient?
  • What are the advantages of such system in rehabilitation and fitness and disease management programmes?





Proposed system overview
Proposed system overview
(stage 1)
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Project Plan
Proposed system overiview
(stage 2)
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