The Research Team

Emmanuel Tsekleves
Principal Investigator

Dr. Emmanuel Tsekleves is a Lecturer in Multimedia Design and Technology at the School of Engineering and Design at Brunel University. He has previously conducted research in the areas of Human Computer Interaction, User-Centred Design, 3D simulation and planning tools and multimedia applications and technologies for defence, entertainment and telemedicine. In the ReWiiRe project Emmanuel is leading the technical design and development of the customised Wii prototype.

Cherry Kilbride
Dr. Cherry Kilbride is a co-investigator on the ReWiiRe project. Cherry is a neuro-physiotherapist and worked in the NHS for over 20 years prior to completing her PhD in stroke rehabilitation in 2007. Her post-doctoral work continues to specialise in stroke and the wider field of neurology. She has a particular interest in exercise after stroke.

Dee Hackett
Associate Director

Mrs Dee Hackett is the Associate Director for Service Integration at Central London Community Healthcare an organisation that delivers care in the community. Dee has worked for the NHS for 30 years and became interested in technology whilst working for 5 years on the IT programme. Dee is the lead NHS person in the Wii rehabilitation research project and wish for simple technology that has a value for patient and clients to be implemented across the NHS.

Alyson Warland
Mrs Alyson Warland is a post-graduate research student with the ReWiiRe project. Following 13 years in the NHS, Alyson completed an MSc in Neurorehabilitation in 2002 and took up a lecturing post at Brunel University in 2004. Her research interests include neurorehabilitation in general and mental practice and stroke in particular.

Dionysios Skordoulis
Mr Dionysios Skordoulis is a PhD student in E&CE at Brunel University in West London. His research, which is currently supervised by Dr. Qiang Ni, focuses mainly on MAC QoS-based protocols for the Next-Generation broadband WLANs but he is also interested in motion capture and tracking using optical systems and inertial measurement units. His role in the ReWiiRe project is the software programming of a prototype that captures the raw motion readings from the Wii's remotes and then processes them into a 3D coordinate system in order to map the orientation of the subject through the virtual assets.

Ioannis Paraskevopoulos
Mr Ioannis Paraskevopoulos is currently a PhD student at the School of Engineering and Design at Brunel University. His research, which is supervised by Dr. Emmanuel Tsekleves, is based on the area of Computer Graphics and particularly 3D Multimedia Technologies. His role in the ReWiiRe project is the design of 3D Graphics and GUI of the rehabilitation games.

Mark Newman
Mr Mark Newman had a stroke 18 months ago and now has problems moving his right arm and leg. He walks indoors and short distances outdoors using a walking stick but struggles to use his right arm functionally. He enjoys working with computers and is working on the ReWiiRe project because he would like to see an improvement in his arm function.

Jaspreet Kwarta
Mrs Jaspreet Kwatra is first year MA student at Brunel studying Social Work. She had a left sided stroke 12 years ago at the age of 19. Although there has been some good recovery post stroke, there is still some weakness in the left side. Jas is hoping to work with the Rewiire project to not only share feedback of her experience as a stroke survivor, but also to try and see if there is some further improvement in left hand and wrist.
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