Mr Peter Looms - Senior consultant, Strategy & Development Projects Unit, DR Media (Denmark), The Strategy & Development Projects Unit is a team working directly under the Director of Media.
At DR (Danmarks Radio) the main emphasis is on media and service convergence and the impact that new interactive media have on public service media, particularly radio and television. He attempts to start with the users, their needs, interests and behaviours, and then look for viable technological/organisational solutions. Also of critical importance is choosing a sustainable business model for the innovation in question.
Recent projects include DTV4All, setting up a digital infrastructure for Nordic broadcasters wishing to streamline screenings and programming exchange, TV-Anytime based metadata production for PVRs, podcasting, VOD and On-Demand services on the internet, open standard Personal Video Recorders for free-to-air Digital Television in Europe, planning DR’s transition to High Definition production and distribution, uses and gratifications in connection with Broadcast To Handheld services and collaborative production and metadata systems for digital media at Nordic level.