Edgar Wilson joined the EBU Technical Department in 1988 as a specialist in data broadcasting technology, having worked on many digital TV research projects, including Teletext and Interactive TV with the UK IBA (Independent Broadcasting Authority). His work at the EBU has included technical aspects of Teletext, Subtitling and other Access Services Standards in support of the TV Production committees of the EBU who are responsible for providing the services in their broadcasts. From the commencement of the DVB Project in 1993 he has been involved in many working groups, including those which specified the standards for DVB-Teletext and DVB-Subtitles. He continues in the DVB Commercial Module which recently captured the service requirements for DVB-T2 standard, and has begun work on 3D TV, including the special needs for Subtitling in 3D programming. He is Executive Director of the cross-industry association DigiTAG (the Digital Terrestrial Television Action Group). DigiTAG encourages the implementation of services on the DVB terrestrial platform, has a very active information sharing website and publishes influential Handbooks on digital terrestrial TV topics.
Ed’s present tasks include:
•    DigiTAG Executive Director
•    Coordinator of the EBU Expert Community on Broadcasting and Broadband (EC-B)
•    Secretary to the DVB Commercial Module
•    Lecturer/facilitator at the EBU/ASBU Week of Technology
•    EBU Representative in EU FP7 Project 3D VIVANT (3D holoscopy)
•    Regularly invited speaker at many seminars in west and east Europe addressing Digital Switch-over, Analogue Switch-off and television technology topics.