Our aim is to work towards the reduction of the environmental impact of aspects of electronic consumer products. As ever rising sales figures are strived for, reducing the environmental impact of products throughout their lives becomes increasingly important. The common aim of the projects undertaken here is to help enable responsible and sustainable progress.


The group is based within the School of Engineering and Design at Brunel University and aims to further the school's objectives of an integrated design approach.

Professor David Harrison Research Lecturer david.harrison@brunel.ac.uk
Professor Eric Billett Research Lecturer eric.billett@brunel.ac.uk
Dr. Blue Ramsey Research Lecturer blue.ramsey@brunel.ac.uk
Dr. Peter Evans Research Lecturer peter.evans@brunel.ac.uk
Dr. Darren Southee Research Lecturer darren.southee@brunel.ac.uk
Dr. Sam Duby Research Fellow sam.duby@brunel.ac.uk
Dr. Yanmeng Xu Research Fellow yanmeng.xu@brunel.ac.uk
Dr. Gareth Hay Research Fellow gareth.hay@brunel.ac.uk
Dr. Verity Parker Researcher verity.parker@brunel.ac.uk
Mr. Julian Wood Research Assistant julian.wood@brunel.ac.uk
Dr. Jonas Pettersson Researcher jonas.pettersson@brunel.ac.uk
Mr. Alexandre Pelegrini Postgraduate Researcher alexandre.pelegrini@brunel.ac.uk
Mr. Richard Young Research Assistant richard.young@brunel.ac.uk
Ms. Kirstie Petherbridge Postgraduate Researcher kirstie.petherbridge@brunel.ac.uk
Ms. Ljubica Lazarevic Postgraduate Researcher ljubica.lazarevic@brunel.ac.uk
Mr. Dan Lockton Postgraduate Researcher daniel.lockton@brunel.ac.uk
Mr. Alexander Plant Postgraduate Researcher alexander.plant@brunel.ac.uk


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